​Pamela Anderson Bob: Mystery Date Reveals Anderson Shining Bob Hairstyle

Pamela Anderson Bob
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Mar, 5, 2015 | 8:17 PM

Pamela Anderson reveals bob hairstyle while going on a mystery date. Anderson was seen in West Hollywood over the weekend with wispy bangs as she was courted to a romantic night, according to The Inquisitr. She said it was time for a change.

“I just thought my hair had a life … I wanted to kind of put that behind me, and start fresh.”

And this is one fresh start that seems different.

Pam Anderson Mystery Date

Anderson was on a date with someone who looks like John Gosselin. The man was carrying a giant purse in his hand as he appeared to be enjoying a romantic night out with the blond bombshell. He’s got plenty of tattoos, but he’s still a mystery.

On Monday night the Bay Watch star and her male pal dined at Crossroads in Hollywood, and even though her marriage to Rick Salomon recently fell apart. This is the third time the couple filed for divorce. But she seems to be on the rebound and things are heating up in Hollywood after witnesses saw Pamela Anderson’s bob.

When Anderson ditched her pixie to go back to her long locks last year, many fans were disappointed, according to Examiner. Now those fans have seen a new style, which has already caused some debate. Does the sleek short top really matter?

Pamela Anderson’s bob style is a a little flirtatious and French. Though the pixie was a big hit with her fans, Anderson herself said it took some getting used to. She wasn’t pleased with the look.

“At first I thought I looked like Anderson Cooper or like a Q-tip or something”

Bob Hairstyle Identity

Anderson said she felt like reverted back to her old hairstyle. She did that, but it was brief. Some people speculate that Pamela is going through an “identity crises” with her hair.

Pamela Anderson’s bob is being called a “flat iron” by some, but most people seem to love it. She has other things more important going on than a hairstyle, notes the Daily Mail. Anderson may be 47, but she definitely still has it.

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