​Panettiere Implant Rumor Following Breast Augmentation Photos​​

Hayden Panettiere may have breast implants, at least the augmentation is the latest rumor. The actress sported a fit bikini body on Miami Beach for Easter vacation.

The “Nashville” star’s purple string two-piece also showed off what appeared to be a modest breast enlargement.

Rumors swirled in 2010 that Panettiere, 23, had gotten breast implants, though they were never confirmed.

On Sunday, photographs of the beach babe showed a small indentation on her chest, suggesting implants may have caused her skin to stretch.

In a 2009 beach photo, Panettiere had a noticeably smaller chest. By speculation, the “Heroes” actress may have gone up only one or two cup sizes.

Panettiere, who’s rumored to be engaged to heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko, 37, attributes her athletic lifestyle and past of playing sports to her toned physique.

The actress has a tattoo of the Italian words “Vivere senza rimipianti” running down her left side. The word rimpianti is misspelled in what otherwise would mean “Living Without Regrets”.

Panettiere followed a vegetarian diet while she starred in Heroes but has since added chicken and fish to her diet, stating that she “didn’t respond well” to a vegetarian diet, and she had “low-energy”.