​Patty Duke Gets Hospitalized For Stomach Pains Following Speech

Patty Duke Hospitalized
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May 26, 2021

Patty Duke has been hospitalized for stomach pains after she delivered a speech in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday night. Duke was taken by a private vehicle to Nebraska Medical center after complaining about her stomach.

Organizer Bruce Crawford says Duke’s medical condition was not serious, but that an Omaha doctor who had been running tests on Duke asked her to come in for more tests Friday night after she reported the pain.

Just before Patty Duke’s health took a turn for the worse on Friday the actress had delivered an inspiring speech at Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum, where the 1962 film The Miracle Worker was shown.

The hit film tells the story of tutor Anne Sullivan’s efforts to help a young Helen Keller.

Duke is best known by pop culture and classic television fans for her starring role in the 1963 TV classic, “The Patty Duke” show where she acted out both of the two main characters: Patricia “Patty” Lane, an American teenager occasionally getting into minor trouble in school and at home, and her ‘prim and proper’ “identical cousin” from Scotland, Catherine “Cathy” Lane.

In 2011, Duke played the mother of a murdered deep-sea diver on an episode of Hawaii Five-0.

And recently, in the fourth season of Fox’s hit show Glee, Duke played lesbian jeweler Jan, who helped Blaine Anderson pick out a wedding ring to propose to his ex-boyfriend Kurt Hummel.