​Pauley Perrette Cookbook: Actress Publishes Cookbook With Recipes Inspired By Mother

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Apr, 16, 2015 | 12:07 PM

Pauley Perrette’s cookbook, Donna Bell’s Bake Shop, has been released in honor of her late mother. The actress lost her mom to cancer in 2002, but she has kept her mother’s legacy alive through a bake shop she opened three years ago, according to UPI. One insider said it’s one little aspect of the NCIS’s life on how much her mother meant to her.

“Pauley Perrette created a cookbook in her mom’s honor because she knew people would enjoy the recipes. She was a southern cook who made some outstanding dishes,” the insider said.

After 12 seasons on the hit CBS drama, viewers might think they’ve learned everything there is to know about Pauley Perrette. But this is obvious one thing people never knew.

“We had this idea and put together this bake shop in homage to her so it is very southern,” the New Orleans native told ET. “And it’s right in the middle of Manhattan.”

Pauley Perrette’s cookbook was made possible after she partnered with her two best friends Darren Greenblatt and chef Matthew Sandusky, according to The Inquisitr. They opened the Donna Bell’s Bake Shop and co-authored the book together.

The cookbook features several recipes that her mom used to make for Pauley. As a child, she spent hours in the kitchen with her mom, creating Southern favorites such as red velvet cake, corn bread and shortcake, all of which can be found in Pauley Perrette’s cookbook, Donna Bell’s Bake Shop.

In 1993, Pauley met Darren in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen and the two instantly became close. Perrette was modeling and bartending while getting her master’s degree, while Darren had just finished fashion school.

Darren’s career path took a turn, however, after being introduced to Perrette’s mom’s recipes. The mouthwatering treats inspired him to leave fashion and open a food truck that sold Southern desserts at the Jersey Shore. When it was time to expand, Darren turned to Pauley and their friend Matthew.

“I think this is easier than doing NCIS,” Pauley joked.

Pauley Perrette’s cookbook, Donna Bell’s Bake Shop, is now available, notes Examiner. You can also catch Pauley as Abby Sciuto on NCIS Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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