By: Cory Perrin - Staff Writer
Published: May 20, 2021

Penelope Cruz Talks About Latest Pirates

Penelope Cruz Pirates filming was tough, and she talks about the hardest moments on the set as she was pregnant and tried to stay in character with Johnny Depp.

She had been friends with Depp since they co-starred in 2001′s crime drama “Blow,” while Marshall directed her third Academy Award nomination for the 2009 musical “Nine.” “To keep a straight face sometimes with Johnny in some of the more dramatic scenes I would look at him doing the things he does as Jack Sparrow, and Rob had to cut so many takes with Johnny or me, because we could not control ourselves. He would provoke me and always make me laugh,” she said.

Cruz said the hardest moments she faced while filming the movie was trying to stay in character. This was despite being pregnant and having scenes of sword fighting, action packed battles. You would think that staying in character would be the easiest part for Cruz because of her familiarity with fellow cast mates.

“I was sad, because we were finishing the process of ‘Nine,’ and it was a wonderful time that we had together, and I love Rob very much,” Cruz said. “We went to dinner, and at the end, he told me, would you like to do ‘Pirates 4’ with Johnny and me. And I said, ‘Why would you wait to ask me after the dessert? Why didn’t you ask me as soon as I sat down?’ I hugged him and I said yes, even before I read the script.…”

This was good news for the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, of ‘Pirate’ because he was looking at Penelope for the part from the start. In the end everything came together and Penelope was able to pull off the part of Angelica, Sparrow’s embittered former lover, the daughter of dread pirate Blackbeard.

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