PETA Upset With Kim Kardashian Snake Boots

06/20/2012 06:50 PM ET

Socialite Kim Kardashian was busted gallivanting through Paris this week in thigh-high Christian Louboutin python boots. These $5,495 high-fashion boots are banned in California, which is where Kim resides.

According to PETA spokesperson Wendy Wegner: ”They’d go well with a Dalmatian-fur coat, which is also illegal to sell in California and immoral to sell anywhere else.”

The reality star has had many difficulties with PETA. For instance, in March, while promoting her new perfume at a West Hollywood hotel, a woman flour bombed her while on the red carpet.

However, Kardashion managed to stay positive though out the situation. ”That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me,” she told E! Online. ”Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that’s a whole lot of translucent powder right there.”

“Luckily, she didn’t’ get me too bad,” Kardashian added.

California Penal Code Section 653o states that it is unlawful to import python into California for commercial purposes, to possess with intent to sell, or sell within the state. However, California residents are allowed to purchase python clothing and accessories else and bring it back to the state.

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