​Phillip Phillips Postpones Tour Amid Health Problems​​

Phillip Phillips, who has a long and well-documented history of kidney stone problems, has postponed the remainder of his college tour due to illness.

Phillip Phillips Postpones

This news was first revealed in a Sunday press release issued by the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; the “American Idol” Season 11 winner was set to perform with special guest Gin Wigmore on the campus. But that concert and eight others-including a show in Dublin, Ireland-have been scrapped for now.

“Hey guys, due to doctor’s orders I have to reschedule my last tour dates,” Phillip tweeted on Monday morning, confirming the university’s report.”They will be rescheduled! Looking forward to seeing you on Mayer!”

The dates had to be rescheduled due to “exhaustion, dehydration, and kidney failure” and there’s no confirmation yet regarding whether Phillip will be well enough to appear in the Season 12 “American Idol” finale, which takes place next Thursday, May 16.

However, from the looks of Phillip’s upbeat tweet, it doesn’t seem like his health issues will affect his big upcoming tour with John Mayer, which is set to kick off July 6-so that’s the good news.

Phillip has publicly dealt with health problems like this before. He nearly had to drop out of “Idol” Season 11 due to his kidney condition, and he refrained from participating in several of that season’s Ford Music Videos, so he could rest. During his time on “Idol,” he underwent painful surgery to install a stent in his kidney. His father later revealed to People that Phillip underwent no fewer than eight surgeries while he was on the show to remove a build-up of kidney stones.

Within days of Phillip’s win on “Idol” last year, he endured a six-hour operation to have a kidney reconstructed, which kept him from doing the show’s usual round of post-victory promotional activities.

However, Phillip was back in shape to embark on that summer’s nationwide Idols Live Tour, and he performed like a champ.