Plastic Surgery Regrets Of The Stars With Botched Mistakes

Many people are using plastic surgery to look younger again, and that includes a lot of regrets from the Hollywood stars. The procedure can be botched, if not careful, and mistakes can happen. If the outcome isn’t pleasant, there’s nothing anyone can do, and it’s a change that can be with you forever.

This is why Kenny Rogers gambled and lost. “I’m not happy about it,” the country singer told People magazine in 2006 of a botched eyelid lift. With his tight eyelids, he no longer looks like the scruffy, masculine man we knew in the 70’s. He tops our celebrity plastic surgery list.

Joan Rivers admits to having had lots of surgeries, including a facelift, neck lift, and an eyelid procedure. She makes no regrets or apologies for it either, although most of her fans say it’s a mess. Some might say her “work” has been overdone. She ranks second on our list.

Facelift procedures have been around for years. For example, Barry Manilow had one facelift in 1995, another in 2003, and a third in 2006 – along with Botox injections. The singer also seems to have gotten cheek implants, as well as laser or chemical peel skin smoothing.

Burt Reynolds, the man People magazine once named “sexiest man alive,” is now a far cry from what he used to be since having the procedure done. The actor appears to have had a browlift that pulled the eyebrows and an upper eyelid lift (upper blepharoplasty) as well as a facelift. The overall effect from the procedure is to make Reynolds appear almost feminine.

The sad part is, the procedure itself can become an addiction for the stars, and they usually don’t know when to stop. We’ve seen that happen with Michael Jackson in the past. Sometimes the decision to have plastic surgery done can be filled with regrets.

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