​Plus Size Model Memoir: Crystal Renn Reveals Low Point in Memoir

Plus Size Model Memoir
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August 20, 2021

A plus size model reveals a memoir on how the fashion industry nearly killed Crystal Renn to achieve fame and beauty.

According to Examiner, Renn released the book detailing her life as a model with an in depth look at the fashion industry in 2009. She is talking more about the book and her reasons for going public with her story. In a recent interview, she confesses that the worst thing about her career was the lack of control.

The plus size model told the Telegraph:

“I got to my lowest point, when I couldn’t go lower, and it was either, ‘I’m going to die and not accomplish the dream,’ or, ‘I can become a plus-size model and keep the dream,’ … I am healthy now, the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life — both physically and mentally.”

Now 28, the in-demand fashion model wrote a memoir, Hungry, at the tender age of 23. Hungry tells the story of being just that-hungry, while trying to lose the weight a talent scout told her she needed to if she wanted to be a top model. The plus size model became anorexic and chillingly thin.

Today, the plus-size model’s memoir reveals that she’s well-balanced with a size 12. And her career is in better shape than ever before.

The Mississippi-born model has lit up the runway for Jean-Paul Gaultier and been the body and face for brands like Agent Provocateur and Chanel. She’s even worked with the ubiquitous artist Marina Abramovic, when Abramovic edited an edition of Ukrainian Vogue. As for her hopes, Renn would like to see yoga and meditation taught in schools.

And one more thing, too-proving you can take the girl out of Mississippi but not Mississippi out of the girl-agriculture. A sound foundation in learning, according to the plus size model, would have to include agriculture. Also known as making food.

If past history is going to predict the future then we would bet we’ll start seeing a few more plus size models following in the footsteps of previous models-turned-actress types. Self-proclaimed double-threats of the recent past have had mixed results in Hollywood, with names like Rebecca Romijn, Sofia Vergara, Milla Jovovich and Cameron Diaz coming to mind.

The plus size model said the memoir with Marjorie Ingall for Simon & Schuster was an important part of the healing process. She had told her story before, but always in a quick hit for some magazine celebrating the novelty of an hourglass shape on its pages. The memoir is her attempt to move the needle on how people perceive beauty.