​Polina Polonsky: Khloe and Lamar Marriage ‘Over’ After Polonsky​​

August 14, 2021 | 11:42 pm

Polina Polonsky and Khloe Kardashian have been conflicting stories as to what really happened with Lamar Odom during an alleged six-week affair. Polonsky, an attorney, has gone off to Star Magazine once again.

She told the tabloid that Kardashian tried to confront her about the affair on July 13 at the hotel in which she and Odom were staying.

“I told her to leave, but she refused,” Polonsky says. “I called the front desk and asked them to call the police because I was so scared, but no one ever came… She was out of control,” Polonsky said. “The whole scene was so frightening - and I couldn’t understand why we were hiding because he made it clear that he didn’t want to be with her,” she added.

Since that incident, things have grown even worse, Polonsky claims.

Kardashian has “investigated my loved ones, and she personally tried to attack me … I can’t even go home because I’m scared that something bad will happen,” she said.

Polonsky appears to pity Kardashian, but also thinks Kardashian is aware that Odom cheated with both her and Jennifer Richardson.

Polonsky is a criminal defense attorney claiming that she began an affair with Odom starting on June 2 of this year. In an effort to prove her claims, she not only took but passed a lie detector test based on questions about the affair.

June 2 was the night of Khloe Kardashian’s sister, Kim’s baby shower and the last time Khloe and Lamar were seen in public together. Polonsky insists that after he left the baby shower, she met Odom.

Polonsky contends that she thought Odom and Khloe weren’t together any more when she got involved with him. She stated that Odom was staying at Los Angeles’s Roosevelt hotel when their relationship became sexual on June 9.

“I was under the impression that he had left Khloe. He acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction”, Polina said. “After we had sex, Lamar stayed the night with me.”

There’s also a report from a confirmed source that Kardashian and Odom have met with divorce lawyers.