By: Michael Stevens - Staff Writer
Published: May 11, 2021

Political Cameos

Political Cameos - There is a rather rich history of political cameos on both the silver and small screen. This is a list of some of those brief cameos from Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton. There are several political movies coming out with film roles played by real politicians.

It seems that even Bill Clinton himself has signed up for The Hangover 2. Richard Nixon reportedly spurned a $500,000 offer from Jean-Luc Godard to shoot a 20-minute segment in his 1987 King Lear. That’s not a bad salary.

And despite his distaste for the French New Wave, Nixon was probably the guy who started the snowball rolling, with an appearance on Laugh-In, meant to humanize him and repair the damage done to his image during televised debates against Kennedy.

Thereafter, politicians saw cameos as a quick way to acquire a “fun guy” image. Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger appeared on Dynasty.

Back when he was a good-humored maverick, John McCain made an appearance in 2005′s Wedding Crashers, which came back to haunt him in the 2008 election after he accused Barack Obama of being a “celebrity.”

Some politicians parlay their power and influence to live out childhood fantasies; Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Batman buff, parlayed his into a voice role in the animated Batman and made cameos in 1997′s Batman and Robin and 2009′s The Dark Knight.

There’s also a female veep candidate who played herself in a big-deal Hollywood movie — but probably not the one you have in mind. Geraldine Ferraro made a cameo in Contact.

Another failed Democratic candidate of the ’80s, Michael Dukakis, had his ankle fixed on the Boston-based medical drama St. Elsewhere when he was the governor of Massachusetts.

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