​Prince Jackson Date With Kuwaiti Princess​​

By: | 04/06/2021 10:04 PM ET

Prince Jackson and his princess date might be more than the average dinner. The son of late pop star Michael Jackson is living up to his name after the paparzzi spotted the 16-year-old with a girl last week.

The girl’s name is Remi Alfalah and she’s a Kuwaiti princess who attends the prestigious Buckley School with Jackson, who also has a part-time gig as a correspondent on “Entertainment Tonight.”

So what was the venue for the royal(ish) date? A fancy restaurant? A chartered yacht? Actually, a bowling alley.

The couple was snapped playing a few games at PINZ, a bowling alley in Studio City, California, on Wednesday.

Remi was dropped off at the alley by a black SUV, but Prince drove her home afterwards.