​Uh Oh: Quentin Tarantino Drops N-Word​​

Quentin Tarantino is backing up his usage of the n-word in “Django Unchained.” The multiple award-winning director has no regrets about his usage of the often offensive word even though it has made some people boycott his film.

Tarantino addressed the N word issue backstage at this year’s 70th Golden Globe Awards.

“If somebody is out there actually saying when it comes to the word [n-word], the fact that I was using it in the movie more than it was being used in the antebellum South in Mississippi, then feel free to make that case,” he reportedly said to the press. “But no one’s actually making that case. They are saying I should lie, that I should whitewash, that I should massage, and I never do that when it comes to my characters.”

Even though Quentin Tarantino won the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay, he failed to get nominated for Best Director. However, according to star Kerry Washington, who played “Django, “Tarantino can view the oversight in a different light.”

Kerry Washington told MTV News that the filmmaker still had a lot to be proud of.

“When a film gets nominated for Best Picture — film is such a collaborative experience, and that nomination really is for everybody, and especially our fearless leader, Quentin,” she said. “He can own all of those nominations as his.”

In addition, Christoph Waltz won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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