​Rachel Zoe Makeup Made Her Look Like A Clown​​

By: | 01/17/2013 08:34 AM ET
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Rachel Zoe apparently fails in the makeup department, even though she is a stylist and fashion designer, and she certainly didn’t make an impact among the popular celebrity guests who attended the Golden Globes on Sunday.

While her critics say she looked “horrible” by wearing heavy lipstick and fake eyelashes with extra mascara, it just might be different makeup tastes. Either that or she was in a hurry and didn’t have a mirror nearby. But her fans didn’t seem to like it either.

Zoe, 41, also drew attention by wearing plenty of sparkly jewels adorning her wrists in a baggy dress that took everyone by surprise, and she finished off the look with her blonde locks tied up into a high-up bun, while she carried a small cream clutch bag.

“Rachel not only packed on the bronzer, but she also caked on more eyeliner than her eyelids could handle. Also, why were her lips, skin and teeth the same color?” the Huffington Post reported.

However, along with her note-worthy looks and fashion accolades throughout her career, she’s been stuck in the middle of controversy over rumors of being anorexic and projecting unhealthy body image messages into media and onto her A-list roster of clientele.

Some media reviews went as far as to call Zoe’s look “scary” due to the over-the-top effect given off by her intense smokey eye makeup.

Critics say Zoe should have opted for a more natural look to accentuate her beauty and piercing hazel eyes.

This does prove a point that even Zoe, a professional renown stylist, can make mistakes.

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