​Radiohead Erases Internet Presence As Social Media Accounts Disappear From Fans

Radiohead Erases Internet Presence
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May. 2, 2016

Radiohead erases its Internet presence as their website slowly went entirely blank. The band’s Twitter and Facebook presence has also been disappearing just like its Internet website, and posts are being erased as well as Radiohead photos.

There are no longer any tweets or Facebook posts on the band’s accounts, The Guardian reports. Their profile pictures and cover photos have gone completely blank, as well.

As Radiohead erases its Internet presence on social media, the band’s fans received mysterious flyers with the words “Sing a song of sixpence that goes/Burn the Witch/We know where you live.” It’s unclear what it is, but something seems to be happening.

In January, Radiohead fans speculated the album was imminent on the Internet when it emerged the group had registered a new company, Dawn Chorus LLP. Another entity, Dawnnchoruss Ltd., was established near the end of February.

It was notable because Radiohead also established companies before the surprise releases of In Rainbows and The King of Limbs, The Daily Mail reported.

On Sunday, Radiohead sent fans into a tizzy when the group seemed to “erase” its Internet presence, including blank, white avatars on social media and turning its website into a blank page. Although strange, this move from Radiohead is not unexpected, as they’re known to drop projects in unconventional ways.

Radiohead’s management announced an album release scheduled for June 1. But there have been no other details since. If the Radiohead does have something strange planned for their ninth album, it wouldn’t be the first time.

The King of Limbs, 2011, was announced with free Radiohead newspapers - handed out by the band themselves - at record stores. In 2007 when In Rainbows was released online, fans were allowed to pay any price they thought fit for the album.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s side project, The Thom Yorke Project, has released an album for free, via controversial download service BitTorrent.

Twitter users are speaking broadly about the subject.

As the band erases itself from the Internet, the latest move does not sit well for those fans who are still frustrated at how fellow 1990s gods, Tool, refuse to stream their music or sell it on iTunes. Will Radiohead even offer a digital release for their upcoming album? It may indeed be titled Burn the Witch, and Radiohead’s use of the promo flyers may send a clear signal.

Stereogum said that as Radiohead erases its Internet presence seems to be a total system reset. Some fans have speculated that it’s all a publicity stunt.

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