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Randy Jackson And Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard

05/10/2021 09:17 PM ET

You may have heard the latest rumor that Michael Jackson had ordered his bodyguards to have Randy Jackson shot, but then there’s another report that the King of Pop wanted his brother stabbed.

If these reports are keeping you awake at night, you will now rest more readily knowing that they are not true, and Randy’s spokesman told TMZ the allegations “couldn’t be further from the truth … it’s absolutely absurd.”

The story broke Tuesday when Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes told U.K. publication the Sun that in 2005 Jackson, who was surrounded by Nation of Islam bodyguards, became so paranoid that he ordered his brother shot.

Fiddes told the Sun that Michael was being hounded by his family to go on a Jacksons reunion tour. He said Randy showed up at his house and tried to push his way in, prompting Michael — whom Fiddes said was on drugs at the time — to order bodyguards to shoot Randy.

Randy’s rep says the Jackson family is choosing to ignore Matt, rather than engage him in a legal battle, because “it’s a non-issue.”

Fiddes also recently told the Sun that Michael Jackson had a romance with Whitney Houston.

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