Randy Quaid Stay In Canada

Randy Quaid Stay In Canada. Randy Quaid received permission to stay in Canada indefinitely. U.S. authorities withdrew their inadmissibility court proceedings against the American actor.

The breakthrough came Wednesday when Quaid’s lawyer said his wife, Evi Quaid, who now has Canadian citizenship, will sponsor his entry and new life in Canada. The turnaround means the Quaids can now avoid a return to California to answer vandalism charges.
Evi Quaid received her Canadian citizenship card on February 10 owing to her father having been born here.

“On Feb. 16, the inadmissibility proceedings against Randy Quaid were formally withdrawn by CBSA. Randy no longer faces any impediments to his presence in Canada,” Catherine Sas told reporters Wednesday in Vancouver.

She in turn formally applied to sponsor her husband and expects Randy Quaid to eventually withdraw his Canadian refugee claim and receive permanent resident status here. The Quaids first arrived in Vancouver last October after fleeing an arrest warrant in Santa Barbara, California and what they deemed “Hollywood star whackers” out to murder them.

“Today, we’re here to say thank you Canada,” Randy Quaid said in a prepared statement. “Thank you for your warm welcome. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live in peace,” he added.

Randy and Evi Motolanez became married on October 5, 2021 at a Montecito, California resort. In attendance was his brother Dennis, actress Meg Ryan, and his six-year-old daughter Amanda Quaid. This was the actor second marriage.