​Rihanna and Drake Seen at Clubs Dating​​

August 27, 2021

Rihanna was seen with Drake on multiple occasions in New York City over the weekend, which many people believe are signs that the two are sparking romance. Rihanna showed up to have dinner with the rapper at Beauty and Essex.

Rihanna Drake

Witnesses say the duo arrived separately and dined with a group of pals. “They looked like they were just having fun,” a restaurant said. “It didn’t seem romantic or overly flirty.”

While it may not have been exactly a date, security made sure to block anyone trying to photograph RiRi and the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” singer … and the twosome was equally as camera shy last night.

After MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, Sean “Diddy” Combs hosted the Official CIROC Amaretto launch event at the Ph-D Rooftop at the Dream Hotel in downtown Manhattan. Witnesses tell omg! that Rihanna, 25, and Drake, 26, were hanging out and had tables next to each other, but opted not to pose for any photos.

Drake and Rihanna’s on-again, off-again ex Chris Brown made headlines last year after they got into a fight at a nightclub in NYC over the Barbados beauty.

“It’s embarrassing, the amount of media coverage … Two rappers fighting over the woman,” Drake told GQ earlier this summer. “He’s not even a rapper, but still, it’s the last way you want your name out there. It distracts from the music. But he’s made me the enemy, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay, I guess.”

When Rihanna and Brown, 24, rekindled their relationship after the brawl it appeared as if her friendship with Drake bit the dust. However, now that Chris is out of the picture, it looks like they are picking up where they left off.

Though Drake didn’t take any pics with the “Right Now” singer, he did happily pose alongside singer Rita Ora. When Drake wasn’t with RiRi, he and Ora, 22, stuck close all evening. However, sources tell omg! those two are “just friends.”

Also partying at Ph-D: Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Leonardo Dicaprio, Timbaland, Jamie Foxx, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Ellie Goulding, and Macklemore … just to name a few.