​Rihanna Rumors: $8,000 For Miami Exotic Dancers​​

​Rihanna Rumors

Rihanna rumors are swirling after she allegedly spent $8,000 in tips at a Miami strip club. It’s not the first time that Rihanna paid thousands of dollars to dancers at a gentleman’s club.

Early Sunday morning, April 21, the petite beauty entered the club and studied the dancers as they artistically motioned their bodies to her music.
It is likely the singer was getting taking some dance “tips” of her own from the dancers.

However, that did not stop RiRi from leaving generous tips to her “study buddies”. TMZ even obtained video of Rihanna paying tips to one of the dancers.

The scene may well be a dream come true for many of the club’s patrons as Rihanna is a sex symbol in her own right. It is said that the pop diva spent well over two hours at the club and even watched the voluptuous dancer Remy Redd show. Rihanna reportedly has a new single in the works which sings about stripping.

It contains lines such as “Strip clubs and dollar bills, I still got mo’ money” and “Strippers goin’ up and down that pole”. In an artistic sense, it would make sense that Rihanna would be getting live feedback on her single.

Image Credit: https://cdnph.upi.com/

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