​Rob Kardashian Charged; Pleads Guilty To Battery, Theft​​

Rob Kardashian has been charged with misdemeanor battery and petty theft stemming from a scuffle with a female photographer in March. He has pleaded not guilty.

Rob Kardashian Charged

While prosecutors had asked that bail be set at $21,000, Judge Marsha Revel let Kardashian go on his own recognizance.

Now maybe the weight-challenged reality star can get back to working out, which is kind of what got all this started in the first place: Kardashian, who’s been working to drop the pounds, wasn’t cool with surprise photos being taken of him shirtless in the parking garage of a West Hollywood gym.

Kardashian was already sued in civil court over the incident, in which he is accused of roughing up the paparazzo who took said pictures while grabbing her camera and taking out the memory card to prevent the pics from ever seeing the tabloid light of day.

Photographer Kassandra Perez, real name Andra Viak, alleged that she was hit in the face and suffered injuries to her arm and chest and said her memory card was worth approximately $30,000, according to April 30 court documents. The card contained 1,200 pictures of celebs and about 300 freelance photos, the docs stated.

It looks as if Kardashian’s taking the criminal proceedings seriously: He was represented Wednesday by Robert Shapiro, one of the attorneys in the O.J. Simpson murder case, on which his late father also worked back in the day.