​Robbie Knievel Arrest: Robbie Charges With DUI​​

August 10, 2021

Robbie Knievel was charged in a DUI arrest in South Dakota Tuesday after police found him drunk inside his motor home. At the time of the incident, Knievel, 51, was reportedly outside the Buffalo Chip campground, a place known for attracting crowds for the famous Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Buffalo Chip security allegedly called police to inform them that the Daredevil crashed against two other motor home units that were on the property and left the premises without stopping. He reportedly damaged a mirror and a bumper.

Shortly after, police found the cyclist’s RV in a nearby parking lot with the motor running. He was reportedly texting from the driver’s seat and was smelled strongly of alcohol. When asked if he had been drinking, he said he’d had 3 drinks earlier.

Knievel tested .228 in a breath exam, which is almost three times the limit in South Dakota.

Officers said he claimed to be unable to do the 1-leg test and the walk-and-turn test due to prior medical injuries. After the test, the Daredevil was arrested and booked in a nearby jail. He was released later with his license suspended for a month and about $600 in fines.

The stuntman was then taken to a nearby jail where he was fined for $600 in damages. His license was also suspended for 30 days. He was released from prison later that night.

In his career as a stuntman, Robbie has completed over 350 jumps and broken at least 20 records. He began working with his father in stunt shows when he was only eight; by the age of 12, both he and his father would go on tour. But Robbie has a preference for using high performance, Honda motocross bikes, whereas his father preferred to use the much heavier Harley Davidson.

The father-son duo split after Robbie decided he wanted to attempt lengthier jumps. Evel Knieval performed jumps from 1965-1980, with his peak being the ’70s.