​Robin Thicke Song: Controversy Over Robin Female Lyrics​​

By: | 06/25/2013 10:11 AM ET

Robin Thicke sure knows how to stir up the controversy, and this time it’s from his new song Blurred Lines as it has caused outrage among women everywhere for its lyrics and video.

The single, which he recorded with rappers Pharrell and T.I., may have hit the number one spot on the Billboards Hot 100 chart but it has been lambasted for its blatant misogyny.

The openly sexist video for the track shows women prancing around wearing nothing but thongs as the fully dressed rappers ogle them and whisper “I know you want it” in their ears.

The unrated version of the video was banned from Youtube for the obvious nudity, while a censored and no less offensive video remains and has drawn over 50 million views.

Other parts of the video see T.I. brushing Emily Ratajkowski’s hair and a blonde woman lighting Robin’s cigarette before he blows smoke in her face.

In addition, silver balloons spell out “Robin Thicke has a big d***” and verse three of the song’s lyrics are: “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your a** in two.”

The subject of the song itself is enough to make some female music fans uncomfortable. The new single is about how a girl wants crazy wild sex but doesn’t say it.