​Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones Guitarist, Expecting Twins With Sally Humphreys

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Dec, 8, 2015

Ronnie Wood and his third wife, Sally Humphreys, 37, are expecting twins. While his wife is only two years younger than his first child, the rocker says he can’t wait to be a father again and doesn’t think his age is a problem, according to Houston Chronicle.

Wood, 68, had his first child, Jesse, in 1976. Ronnie added three other children since to his expanding brood, but no twins.

Ronnie Wood can’t wait to be a father again

A spokesperson said Sunday: “Sally and Ronnie Wood are delighted to announce that they are expecting twins in June 2016. Needless to say, they are thrilled and overjoyed with the wonderful news.”

The twins announcement comes after Ronnie Wood wanted to become a father again. In 2008, Wood split from his last wife, Jo, leaving her for Ekaterina Ivanova — a Russian cocktail waitress who was in her early twenties at the time. Current wife Sally has previously spoken of her intention to have children with the aging rocker.

“A baby would be nice. Obviously we’ve spoken about it quite a lot, and you can ask him and his response would be, ‘Well, that would be nice’,” she said in 2014. “He’s up for it. He’s got a lot of friends that are older who have younger children and they all say it’s fantastic and it keeps you young. I do think that would be wonderful, but I don’t know if it will happen. I hope so.”

The couple are believed to have been trying to children for some time.

Wood was friends with Humphreys for nine years before they got married in London in December 2012. While no other twins in the family, Ronnie’s four children are: Jamie, 41, Jesse, 39, Leah, 37, and Tyrone, 32. They are form his previous marriages to Krissy Findlay, who died in 2005, and Jo Karslake.

Other celebrities who are responsible for changing nappies well into their sixties — and beyond — include Wood’s old friend Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Rupert Murdoch and Robert De Niro.

“Ronnie is so excited. They’ve had their 12 week scan and have now started telling everyone,” a source said. “He can’t wait to be a dad again, and doesn’t think his age is a problem at all. He still feels very young and fit.”

Ronnie Wood also said it was never too late to start a family. The twins will be the youngest children in the legendary rock band, although some fans argue that he’s just too old to start over. Mick Jagger’s youngest son, Lucas, is 14-years-old from Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez.

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