​Rowland Beyonce Slob: Kelly Rowland Shocks Bravo​​

Kelly Rowland calls out Beyonce for being a slob on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, as she was set up to throw her former Destiny’s Child band mate under the bus.

The “Dirty Laundry” singer was asked on live television to tell “one thing that was annoying about Beyonce,” during Cohen’s plead the fifth game.

Rowland replied, “She’s aw, she would tell you she’s a slob. If you walk in — maybe she’s gotten better since becoming a mother — but she’s got a lot on her brain. You can tell she’s got a lot going on.”

In addition, Cohen attempted to get Rowland to talk trash about other ’90s girl groups. However, he failed once again.

He asked, “What other group gave you, Michelle, and B the most attitude when you were just starting out as Destiny’s Child?”

“None of them,” Rowland replied. “They were all nice. Absolutely. SWV, Escape, En Vogue they were all supportive.”