Sacha Cohen Not Facing Deportation Over Warrants

06/21/2012 05:42 PM ET

Sacha Baron Cohen says hes not a wanted man in 2 U.S. states and doesn’t face deportation, despite confirmed reports to the contrary.

The initial reports surfaced Sunday, alleging, “The Dictator” actor is wanted by police in both Kansas and Arizona over scenes he shot for “Bruno” and “Borat,” and faces deportation if he steps foot in those states.

Apparently, he received the warrants after shooting stunts for his earlier films.

According to the reports, Cohen lives in fear of being deported from the US over outstanding arrest warrants.

Cohen is quoted as saying, “There are towns in certain states that I can’t shoot in. If I get arrested my visa could be taken away.”

TMZ claims the actors representation calls the article “total BS” and claims the reports about the arrest warrants are “false.”

He then recalled a situation where he narrowly escaped arrest, “The manager called the police and we knew we had about five minutes before the police turned up and I would be arrested.”

“My English bodyguard yelled ‘Everyone out,’ as we had an escape car waiting 14 stories down. So we get to a window and there’s an old rickety fire escape. We run down it and get to the second floor, and it doesn’t reach down to the floor. So I jumped wearing these high heels while attached to my friend, broke my heel and got into the car and we left the state,” The 40-year-old added.

Many people say these stories are nothing more than a publicity stunt, and after reading how he narrowly escaped arrest, I also find the rumors unbelievable.

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