​Sandra Bullock Earns $70m For Gravity Role​​

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February 28, 2021

Sandra Bullock is expected to earn $70 million for her role on the Gravity film. This comes after several critics have already praised Bullock’s portrayal of an astronaut who terrifyingly gets stuck in space after an accident.

The movie has been very well-received at the box office — and Bullock will reportedly get a cut of that pay.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bullock, 49, has a deal in place where she’d get $20 million upfront, and then 15 percent of what studio Warner Bros. gets from box office returns after that advance is covered.

Usually, a studio will negotiate a 40-50 percent take of the profits with the movie theater airing the project. After Warner Bros. collects its revenue, Bullock would get 15 percent of that haul after the upfront fee has been met.

THR estimates that Warner Bros. is looking at taking roughly 45 percent of its worldwide box office, which has already reached $700 million and could soon cross $750 million. If Bullock were to take a piece of that, she’d be looking at a $50 million-plus paycheck, including her upfront fee. And that’s before counting revenue from home entertainment.

All told, Bullock is looking at a $70 million windfall from Gravity’s profits — a figure that is out of this world.

As for her co-star, George Clooney, we’re not sure if he arranged a similar deal as Bullock.