No Sandra Bullock Jesse James Divorce

Sandra Bullock Jesse James divorce is on hold, but taking him back is yet to be seen. Well, that’s according to sources, that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are speaking again. Actress Sandra Bullock has also put her Jesse James divorce on hold, but these sources are unconfirmed.

Bullock, 45, and her ex-husband have reunited and are on speaking terms. No matter what you read on the Internet about the couple, all reports do conflict, and the only thing that backs up the statements are “sources.” These sources have not been confirmed.

This doesn’t mean the couple won’t reconcile, perhaps for the sake of the kids, but it does happen. Some would say that this is a clear indication that she has moved on. On the other hand, some are indicating that the successful actress is contemplating taking him back.

James, 41, is moving to Austin, Texas where Sandra Bullock recently lived. She still owns a home there and from what we know, he plans to make it his new residence. Bullock purchased a home in New Orleans.

Bullock has been an inspiration in the manner that she has handled James’ affairs with such class. She is always in true Sandra Bullock form. She turned up wielding a guitar for a charity concert to benefit flood relief in Nashville this week.

The actress filed for divorce only 2 months ago. The oceanfront home that the couple owned together has been on-and-off the market since the sex scandal broke. However, latest reports suggest that it’s definitely for sale.

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