​Sarah Palin Channel: Fans Of Palin Witness Wardrobe Malfunction On Channel

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December 27, 2021

The Sarah Palin Channel got a boost in ratings this week after she surprised fans with a wardrobe malfunction. The holiday surprise wasn’t planned, even though the sweater Sarah was wearing feel down, according to The Inquisitr. While most men thought it was a great holiday gift, Sarah was trying to bake a simple pie when her sweater fell off her shoulders, and one viewer said she was caught by surprise.

“It was funny … I was caught by surprise because I was watching Palin bake her favorite blueberry pie receipt when she nearly went topless.”

This is a case where most people felt bad for Sarah, but grinned at the same time. Sarah was just being herself and trying to devote her time to Christmas and holiday cheer. Well, as it turns out, Sarah brought the cheer as one male channel viewer put it.

“I was like ‘did that just happen?’ … Then I saw the look on her face and realized it was indeed an accident on television.”

While the Sarah Palin Channel made every attempt to move forward, the former vice presidential candidate had a hard time keeping a straight face. It only started when she demonstrated how to bake that pie as she delicately kneads the dough, according to The Spreadit. That’s when her sweater fell down to her arms.

Underneath that sweater was a sexy black undergarment as Sarah quickly recovered. Viewers couldn’t believe her tan, since Sarah lives in Alaska. On the Sarah Palin Channel, she ultimately spent most of the four-minute spot promoting her new book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

Sarah claims the book is meant to inspire everyone, including all faiths and religions, allowing them to enjoy Christmas. She’s come a long ways from being a Governor and vice presidential candidate. Today, she spends her time with family and on TV.

The Sarah Palin Channel launched in July and is an online TV news network devoted to the writings and personality of the former vice presidential candidate, notes Raw Story. Sarah constructed the network as a part of TAPP TV, a media company run by former CNN president Jonathan Klein and former NBCUniversal chairman Jeff Gaspin. The channel is subscription required, and free to current U.S. service members.

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