​Biggest Loser Scott Mitchell Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss On TV

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January 9, 2021

Scott Mitchell’s Biggest Loser training has been challenging, but he had lost 130 pounds after weighing in at 242 pounds for his 6-foot-6 frame. That’s a lot of weight to lose, given that his swollen midsection helped him tip the scales at 366 pounds, according to Us Magazine. On Thursday’s edition of “The Biggest Loser”, Mitchell reveals his current physique.

In addition, he’ll be sporting a whole new look on this special makeover episode, as fashion expert Tim Gunn and celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves transform Mitchell and his fellow contestant at Comeback Canyon as well as the four remaining ranch contestants.

All that, plus Mitchell will be reunited with his family after 15 grueling, sequestered weeks of training.

“I get a new wardrobe, and they even cut my hair,” Mitchell said Wednesday in a phone interview. “I look pretty darn good.”

That’s a self-appraisal the 47-year-old Mitchell wouldn’t have voiced a few months ago.

“I really struggled with my weight during my playing career,” he recalled, having routinely gained 15 to 20 pounds each offseason that he had to lose before each season began. “When I retired in 2001, there were no more football seasons to get ready for. I had worked out because of my job, and after retiring I kind of resented exercise because of that. So I just slowly put on weight.”

By the time “The Biggest Loser” came calling, Scott Mitchell had reconciled himself to being fat the rest of his life, according to the NFL.

But how long would that life be? By then he was in precarious health, he said — a borderline diabetic suffering from sleep apnea and high blood pressure

Even so, Scott Michell agreed to take the “Biggest Loser” challenge filled with dread. Besides the physical demands he knew lay ahead, he was living with shame he neither wanted to confront nor share with an audience of millions.

“You have no idea how terrified I was,” he said. “Pro athletes don’t have emotional issues — or aren’t supposed to. You can’t show any kind of weakness. There’s no crying in football.”

Along with the exercise and nutritional regimen, he tangled with emotional issues he had long held at bay.

“Once I got there, they said, ‘You’re gonna lose weight, but you’ll gain it all back unless you figure out why you gained it in the first place.'”

Scott Mitchell says he cried on the Biggest Loser. In particular, he recalled a morning hike when “I just lost it — I sat down on the trail and sobbed uncontrollably, about how in my life I was focusing on the things that brought me pain and sorrow, and how that was a big part of why I gained weight. I wanted to quit. I didn’t want to deal with it.”

He’s determined to make good on that mantra, as “The Biggest Loser” powers to its season conclusion Jan. 29. Scott Mitchell calls the experience “beautiful, wonderful, lifesaving. And the hardest damn thing I’ve done in my life.” He’s come a long ways and has already inspired others to lose weight, notes the Bleacher Report.

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