​Scott Weiland Sings Vasoline To Surprising Audience In Texas

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
May. 1, 2015

Scott Weiland’s Vasoline singing attempt in Texas brought a lot of embarrassment to the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman. The singer hasn’t been on his best behavior for the past few weeks, according to The Inquisitr.

Upon taking the stage in Corpus Christi, Texas, this week with his new band the Wildabouts, Weiland treated the audience to a cringe-worthy performance of the STP hit “Vasoline,” complete with mumbled lyrics and off-key singing. For someone whose stage presence is often characterized as colorful and unpredictable, the three-minute-long cover was especially bizarre, prompting speculation of possible substance-abuse difficulties.

This Vasoline incident is coming on the heels of a series of less-than-flattering fan interactions, including a post-concert meet-and-greet in Boston at which he presented his admirers with outright disrespect. One fan even claimed that his request for a photo with Weiland was met with an impatient “let’s get this sh-t done with,” according to New York Daily News.

Scott Weiland has sang Vasoline at numerous concerts, but his vocal performance was the type of intoxicated late-night karaoke that signals it’s time to go home. The band remained on point throughout. Watch the video below:

“Alright, this is a new song. We just worked it out today,” the 47-year-old rocker told the crowd before launching into a monotone and lackluster version of the more than 20-year-old tune.

A rep for Weiland told TMZ that drugs were not a factor in the singer’s performance on Tuesday, but admits it wasn’t his best vocal, explaining that it was a “perfect storm” of Scott being tired and having a few drinks before the gig, notes The Huffington Post.

Scott Weiland struggled to sing Vasoline, showing signs of past alcoholism. The incident is just one he’s had over the years. Sadly, Weiland has struggled with substance abuse issues for years, and he’s had a rough couple of months with a case of mistaken identity that led to false reports of him being arrested, as well as the death of his Wildabouts bandmate Jeremy Brown in March.

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