​Sean Malone Dies From Injuries After Being Pulled From Water By Firefighter

Author: Michael StevensBy:
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Aug, 4, 2015 | 5:30 PM

Sean Malone dies from injuries after he was pulled from the water by an off duty firefighter and three local teens. The 54-year-old actor had been in a coma since July 20 when he was found floating face down in the ocean in Boston, Massachusetts, according to FOX News.

Malone, who appeared in the movies Gone Baby Gone and The Fighter, was unconscious when rescuers reached him having reportedly got into trouble after swimming a long way out. Sean, who most recently worked with John Travolta on the 2014 film The Forger, is the brother of the Deputy Fire Chief at the Boston Fire Department.

Firefighter Chris Flaherty was working out with other firefighters on the beach when he became concerned at how far out the South Boston native was swimming. He went out on a paddleboard towards him but couldn’t find him.

Sean Malone dies just days after being found in ocean

Sean Malone died Thursday evening. A tweet from the Boston Fire Department read: “Sean Malone succumbed to his injuries this evening surrounded by his son Sean, parents and siblings at Boston Medical Center.”

Flaherty flagged down three teens who were in a speedboat and together they searched until they came across Malone’s lifeless body. The young men named locally as Joey Binda and Elliott Chauvet, both 17, and John Feeney, 18, pulled Sean onto the boat and helped Flaherty perform CPR as they returned to shore.

Malone was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was listed as “critical.”

A spokesperson for the Boston FD, Steve MacDonald, said at the time that Sean’s family was grateful for all those who helped the actor.

“They’re praying for the best,” MacDonald said at the time.

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