​Selleck Daughter Model: Hannah Models For Reviver Ad​​

December 18, 2021

Tom Selleck’s daughter, Hannah, has posed as a model for Reviver wipe, an on-the-go freshening cloth designed to remove bad odor from clothing. She’s not just a model, but an accomplished equestrian. She has her sights set on the 2016 Rio Olympics.

A behind-the-scenes video from the brand’s campaign photo shoot shows Selleck doing a mix of activities so a model as she puts the product to the test, from working out at a gym to lying in a smokey bedroom dressed in lingerie.

Another scene sees her sitting at a dinner table tucking into smelly dishes, including oysters, lobster and chunks of char-grilled steak without the use of a knife or fork.

And in the final clips she appears leaning against dumpsters dressed in a red velvet evening gown.

Speaking about the new laundry product she was picked to endorse, Miss Selleck said: “I spend a lot of my time at the barn with my horses.”

“When I found out about Reviver — it was amazing. Now I use it every day after leaving the barn to ensure that my clothes smell fresh,” Selleck said. “I also keep a Reviver swipe in my purse to use when I’m out at the bars and clubs and around friends who smoke … It’s like a breath mint for my clothes.”

For her first modeling assignment Selleck was styled by Marina Monroe and lensed by celebrity photographer Gavin Bond.

Bond is known for his sexy and sophisticated portraits of stars, ranging from Jennifer Aniston to Rihanna to Sasha Baron Cohen.

Selleck clearly feels comfortable in front of the camera. However, she loves horses the best. The Loyola Marymount University graduate, whose mother Jillie Mack has been married to her Magnum P.I. star dad for 26 years, says that she was introduced to the saddle at the age of four.

She previously told Sidelines magazine that instead of the Hollywood lifestyle her “very private” parents encouraged her to find her own path. Over the years, she tried ice skating, ballet, soccer and gymnastics. In college, she did take one acting class, but described getting up on stage as terrifying.

After leaving the university with a degree in communications, she accepted a summer internship at a public relations firm in Beverly Hills, but found that she didn’t like “being inside from 9 to 6.”