Sharon Osbourne 911 Over Candle Fire As Ozzy Yells

Sharon Osbourne’s 911 tape is being re-examined by the media, just one day after Ozzy announced he was abusing drugs and alcohol for the past 18 months.

The English television host placed the 911 call for help on January 17 at 4:45 AM after a table in her bedroom was set on fire by a candle.

“There was a fire in my room it was a candle,” a distressed Sharon tells the 911 operator after 14 seconds of silence. “Do you think you could send a fireman? My husband put it out, but I just want to be sure.”

Prior to Osbourne speaking to the dispatcher, Ozzy can be heard in the back ground muttering something, but that really doesn’t give any insight as to his condition.

The call was recorded before the former rocker had begun his journey to sobriety and was potentially under the influence when the incident took place.

Nonetheless, Sharon later reported that she was the one responsible for the bedroom fire.

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