Sheen Dead Facebook Hoax Spreads On Web

Sheen Dead Facebook. Charlie Sheen is not dead, but a Facebook virus is spreading rapidly on the social media network. In fact, most people believed the rumor, which is very sad.

The virus is spreading rapidly, primarily through Facebook, and it’s making the claim that Charlie Sheen is dead.

The dangerous posts, which have also popped up on Twitter, typically start, “Exclusive Video,” “RIP!” or “Breaking News.” They go on to say “Charlie Sheen found Dead at his House” or some variation and include a link to a site that appears to be fueling the rumor.

Even ZDNet appeared to be victimized by the scam, tweeting yesterday, “Exclusive Video: Charlie Sheen found Dead at his House!” That only fuel speculation that the Two and a Half Men actor had died. However, the website later followed up with information on the virus.

“Just like the previous ‘likejacking’ scams (a play on the term clickjacking, which means prompting a victim to click something while a different action is taken behind the scenes) any of the above will lead you to a fake YouTube page such as TouTube or FbTube. Clicking on play prompts you with the following message: ‘Please complete a 30 second survey to verify that you are human.’”

CNET reported that a number of the suspicious links seem to no longer work. Charlie Sheen has not yet addressed the rumor on his Twitter page. He might not respond, but if he does, it will probably be something about “No one can beat this Warlock.”


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