​Soleil Moon Frye Weight Loss: 1980s Icon Loses 40 Pounds On Nutrisystem

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Jun. 25, 2015

Soleil Moon Frye’s weight loss totals more than 40 pounds after onlookers saw the “Punky Brewster” star recently wearing tighter clothing, according to The Inquisitr. And the Nutrisystem ambassador says she will be wearing a small bikini this summer.

“I really believe in feeling like the best version of me now … I’m not trying to be my 20-something self.”

Nonetheless, Soleil is slipping into some of her clothes she hasn’t worn since she started having kids 10 years ago. It was four months after the birth of her third child, son Lyric, that Frye knew she had to do something.

“I think four times in one week people were asking, ‘When are you due?'”

Weight loss can be a hard thing, which is why the 38-year-old mother of three turned to her friend Melissa Joan Hart, a fellow mother of three and Nutrisystem ambassador, for help.

With Nutrisystem’s prepared meals, Frye could eat with her family, including husband Jason Goldberg and daughters Poet, 9 and Jagger, 7.

“We’re a family, we eat together … I’m losing weight the healthy way. I need to lead by example. I’m not going to starve myself in front of my kids.”

Frye said she could also indulge her occasional sweet tooth with Nutrisystem’s desserts, according to Examiner.

“I’ve always been a big fan of sweets … Who wants to give that up when dieting? Not me! That’s another reason why Nutrisystem worked so well. I didn’t have to give up dessert!”

Soleil Moon Frye’s weight loss could inspire other moms who might be discouraged.

“For me, I just want to feel great. But carrying the extra pounds started to weigh me down — literally … I want to encourage moms to feel good about themselves. I think it’s important to empower ourselves. We have kids and we love our kids. But we still have ourselves. And I want to feel like the best version of myself.”

Most of the weight loss occurred when Soleil Moon Frye was pregnant, notes WebProNews. She was quick to get into a program fast to drop the 40 pounds.

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