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Soulja Boy Gets Evicted For Unpaid $4,725 Rent In Atlanta

12/10/2021 06:27 AM ET

Soulja Boy Evicted - Soulja Boy got the boot this week and evicted for unpaid rent in the amount of $4,725 from his Atlanta apartment.

Please tell me that this kid was smart enough to bank some money from his “one-hit-wonder” song? It sounds like the rapper spent a lot of money from his success, and most people who hit it big believe they are going to do it again and again. In fact, they believe that their lives are established, and their inside ‘connections’ are there to carry them through.

Soulja Boy might be one of these people, and there are plenty of them, but it doesn’t happen that way — the music business is dirty and it changes all the time — it is very competitive.

We learned that the rapper was served eviction papers and he had to be out by December 5 or he would have to vacate the building.

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors; one is that he has vacated the building and has moved in with a friend. Another rumor is that the landlord gave him until January 2, 2012. However, it doesn’t look that way — the landlord seems aggressive on getting him out of the building.

Soulja Boy has everything riding on a new album. Being a rapper doesn’t give you a lifetime of being rich, unless you’re responsible, and that’s a totally different subject. We hope he learns from this because we want to see him bounce back stronger with a new attitude and a positive perspective on life.

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