​Stacie Juris Pants Photo Arrest For Miss USA​​

Stacie Juris, a 22-year-old college sophomore, has gained a huge amount of notoriety and became the hottest thing on the Internet for wearing no paints, a past that came back to haunt her.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this beautiful beauty pageant participant had some sort of embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. It happens a lot and if it were true, she’d be in good company. Janet Jackson, Eva Longoria, Miranda Kerr are just a few of the beautiful celebrities wh have all had recent wardrobe malfunctions; not a bad list to belong to.

But it was not a clothing mishap, it was her outfit for a publicity picture taken with a fellow Miss USA contestant that was intended to bring some attention to the two girls favourite hockey teams. The fellow contestant was Sarah Kidd, aka Miss Massachusetts and the teams were the Blackhawks and the Bruins respectively.

Both young women appeared in hockey jerseys, holding a hockey stick and nothing else. At least that is the impression you get from seeing the picture! But pretty women attired in a over-sized shirt and bare legs doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bare down there. It could mean that they’ve got very small shorts on.

Whatever they were, or weren’t wearing under those jerseys, it was the picture itself, with a little help from a fellow citizen of the fair state of Illinois that got her all that attention. Juris’ fellow state member posted on the net that Juris was posing for a picture wearing “no pants.” And the internet scramble for the picture and information about this pant-less girl was off.

Unfortunately for the second runner up to the Miss USA title, all that internet attention meant that an old police arrest from 2011 also cropped up. The, then, 20 year-old Juris was arrested after Mall security found that she had $288 worth of clothes in her handbag and no receipt.

Juris’ 2011 arrest prevented her from entering the 2012 beauty pageant, but after charges against Juris had been dropped, due to lack of evidence, she was back in with a smile…and no pants.

Regardless of her “shady past” she had plenty of loyal fans before the bottomless picture came out. On Juris’s social media account on Twitter she’d amassed quite an impressive following.

This last weekend, Juris was the most searched after person on the internet. All because she posed with “no pants” for a hockey league photograph with Sarah Kidd and, possibly, because of her 2011 arrest.