​Stamos Full House Visit: Tourists Never Saw Full House Actor On Location

Stamos Full House Visit
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Mar, 9, 2015 | 10:17 AM

John Stamos’ Full House visit to his old stomping ground shocked a few tourists. Unfortunately, Stamos was not recognized by the tourists who visited the San Francisco house, according to Yahoo News. The famous home served as the opening theme of the cult ’80s and ’90s family sitcom.

The 51-year-old actor posted his visit on social media about his missed presence.

“Boy, these youngsters have 0.0 idea what they’re missing.”

Stamos’ Full House visit appeared to have been completely unnoticed by a group of tourists.

Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the show, posted on his Instagram page on Friday a photo of himself standing on the sidewalk near the residence while three people are seen closer to the foot of a flight of brick stairs leading up to the townhouse, which is, in real life, occupied and unlike nearby homes, gated off.

Stamos’ Full House visit grabbed one fan’s attention, one who remembered seeing the actor at the home, according to the New York Daily New.

“Aww man I was there at that same time but sitting in the grass in Alamo Square … I remember seeing those kids yesterday if only I knew you were down there!!!!”

Alamo Square Park, another tourist attraction located about one mile away, is also featured in Full House’s opening credits. It borders seven “Painted Lady”-style homes resembling the one seen on the show.

Stamos’ Full House visit brings back memories for fans. On series, which still airs in reruns, Jesse, his wife Becky and their twin sons lived in the house, which was owned by his brother-in-law Danny Tanner, a widower and father to three daughters, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. Jesse and fellow pal Joey who lived in the basement, helped Tanner raise his kids.

The Full House home was built in 1900 and last sold for $1.8 million in 2006. Only exterior shots of it were used for the series. The interior of the Tanner family home was actually a well-decorated (and super) Los Angeles soundstage.

Stamos’ Full House visit follows one made by Bob Saget, who played Tranner, in 2013, notes Today. His visit drew spectacular reactions from Stamos and from Dave Coulier, who played Joey. It’s been a growing tradition among the actors.

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