​Star Wars Battlefront Beta Extended To Video Gamers For Another Day By EA

Star Wars Battlefront
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Oct, 12, 2015 | 12:28 PM

Star Wars Battlefront has been extended for one more day for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The original ending date was scheduled for Monday, Oct 12, but is now the beta has been extended until Tuesday, Oct 13, according to Coming Soon.

Battlefront players can get their hands on a blaster rifle with extra time to do so. EA says that exact times vary by region for the Star Was Battlefront Beta, but that most people should expect to see the servers close late on the 12th into the early morning on the 13th.

After that, your next shot at getting in on the action is November 17th with the full retail release. It’s going to be a busy holiday season for this release.

Star Wars Battlefront Beta action

Star Wars Battlefront Beta action

The Star Wars Battlefront Beta was a rousing success from most angles: it was positively received throughout the gaming media for its authentic Star Wars aesthetic, satisfying gunplay and wacky arcade-style powerups. The Batttlefront/Battlefield games thrive on the epic, and that’s really where this beta delivered in spades.

Between the massive, lumbering AT-ATs, the orchestral flourishes and the grand space battles overhead, the game toed a brilliant line between intense moment to moment action and a sense of scale. Also, since this is was a beta, it’s important to note that the thing worked: we noticed some rubberbanding and lag while playing, but nothing major, and I never had trouble getting into fully populated matches.

Even so, some people still have their concerns going into the full release. For one thing, the technical failure of Battlefield 4 still looms large over both EA and DICE.

While the resulting fallout from that disaster ensures that these companies will be throwing the kitchen sink at this title to avoid a similar black eye, it’s best not to make any assumptions. And the Beta reminded us all about this game’s biggest weak point: the total lack of a campaign.


Several users had a blast in Battlefront as they ran around on Hoth, sure, but there’s nothing quite like a campaign for grounding the multiplayer experience.

Star Wars Battlefront gets a little leeway in that area because we’re all already so familiar with the world and the lore, but the lack of a campaign is felt perhaps even more poignantly because it looks like it would have been hugely fun. And the balance problems in the beta are worth noting, as well: if all the other missions require similar tweaking, we’re going to get a pretty asymmetrical game at launch.

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