Steve Jobs Ill Photo Not Fake, It Is Real

A photo of Steve Jobs looking frail and ill was dubbed as a fake, but now we have learned that it might be a real image of the former Apple CEO, and that can mean troubling for the company.

The Steve Jobs photo first appeared Friday on the TMZ Website. Most people know that the Apple co-founder has been ill, but some people right away said the image was a complete fake. The conspiracy theories about the picture continue.

We spoke with someone directly at Pacific Coast News photo agency, the same agency that represents the photographer who took the Steve Jobs picture. According to them, it is a real image of what the former Apple CEO looks like today.

“These pictures were taken by a staff photographer. I can assure you that photograph is not fake. The only photoshop that has happened on those frames is some very basic color correction and a few alternative crops,” a representative from Pacific Coast News said in a statement.

In fact, they are standing their ground, and their confidence is giving us the impression that Jobs is ill, as illustrated in the picture.

It seems like a genuine image of Steve Jobs, and the photo agency is backing it up 100 percent. We all knew that he was ill and there are fewer credible sources that claim the picture is a fake. The man has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004 and had a liver translate about 18 months ago.


Steve Jobs died five weeks after this photograph was taken in the driveway of his home, following a doctor’s appointment. The truth is, the photo was genuine and not a fake, as many bloggers suggested. The Apple co-founder was fighting cancer for the last 7 years of his life, and it’s only a shame that we didn’t give the man the privacy he so much deserved.

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