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Steve-O And Elisabetta Canalis Call It Quits Over Partying

04/19/2012 06:32 PM ET

Jackass star Steve-O is so serious about his sobriety and own sake that he’s willing to end his relationship with Italian beauty Elisabetta Canalis. He dumped Canalis because he was scared of relapsing back to his old ways, and Elisabetta has been doing a lot of partying.

You really got to give Steve-O credit because even though he’s a 37-year-old “Jackass,” star, he’s cleaned up his life for the better, and that means no more partying or boozing. Apparently, the partying was a bit too much with Canalis, and she posed a problem to his sober lifestyle. This was an odd couple from the start, but look who’s feeling good and serious about living sober!

“Steve-O dumped Elisbetta over her partying,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. “He is extremely serious about his sobriety and did not want to be dating anyone who could jeopardize that. … He still really cares about her but can’t risk relapsing back into his old ways, so he had to cut her loose.”

According to Radar, Steve-O has put the Italian beauty in contact with someone who can help her with sobriety. Canalis has reportedly been attending meetings, as well. This is one revelation that we didn’t know about.

Steve-O has done a lot of stupid things on camera and make no mistake, his past is a problem, but this guy has totally changed since his sobriety kicked in. Elisabetta is a beauty, but perhaps she can get cleaned up, and the two can get back together. It’s obvious that the two enjoy each other’s company.


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