​Storage Wars Brawl: Cast Members Get Abusive In Major Brawl After Missed Bid

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Jun. 24, 2015

A Storage Wars brawl erupted between cast members of the popular series as producers had to halt production on the set. The cast, along with Dave Hester, had a ridiculous fight over a missed bid in Palm Springs during Friday’s taping of the A&E series, according to FOX News.

Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson missed a storage locker bid. Producers then told Hester to tell Dan about the oversight, which eventually erupted into a brawl.

Apparently Dotson ignored Hester, and Dave’s persistence didn’t end well. Dotson threatened Hester, Dave decked him.

Storage Wars brawl between Dave Hester and Dan Dotson

The Stage Wars brawl ensued as Dotson’s wife Laura reportedly jumped on Hester’s back and got tossed to the ground. Laura is then seen screaming and cursing at Hester for allegedly knocking her down.

“You’re a son of a b**** m***********,” Laura yells at Hester. “You like hitting a woman? You like knocking me down on the goddamned ground? F****** A man,” she continued. “He just throws me over like a piece of f****** s***.”

Storage Wars Laura finished by telling Lester to get out of the auction. Dave was booted after the brawl from set and went to the hospital for a tetanus shot because Laura scratched him.

“We’re sorry Storage Wars fans! Violence is never the answer, it’s not OK. We were attacked & did what anyone would do. #StopBullying,” Dan wrote in a tweet about the Storage Wars brawl.

The aggressive Storage Wars brawl and follow-up led to production being shut down. It’s not like this is the first time Dave Hester has caused headlines for the series.

Storage Wars fired the cast member from the popular A&E series at one point, after having made some unsavory statements regarding the show. He later sued the network for wrongful termination, and while he missed all of Season 4 of the series, he reached an agreement with A&E that landed him right back on Storage Wars for Season 5.

It probably helped that his catchphrase and bold personality made him the most memorable member of the cast.

The show has been a ratings winner for A&E, and while the numbers are certainly down from the show’s heyday, it’s doubtful the brawl will effect production for long. Hopefully the Storage Wars brawl will blow over and the cast can get along enough in the heat of summer to avoid any scratching and clawing in the future.

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