Street Outlaws Murder: Reality Tv Stars From Street Outlaws Arrested

Street Outlaws Murder

Street Outlaws may be involved in a murder after one of the drivers who appeared on the Discovery Channel’s reality TV show has been arrested. The Street Outlaw driver, identified as Izzy Valenzuela, was charged with murder for his part in a street racing crash that claimed the lives of two people in Los Angeles. TMZ shares that two people in the crowd died and a third was injured.

“According to the L.A. County D.A.’s Office, Valenzuela was racing another man, Michael Gevorgyan, on February 25 when Gevorgyan lost control of his car and crashed into a crowd.”

Valenzuela, the driver of the Nissan GT-R, is currently in jail, charged with two counts of murder and faces up to 33 years to life in prison. Gevorgyan, who is also in custody, claims he wasn’t in the Mustang when it crashed.

The Street Outlaws murder is prompting the National Hot Rod Association to suspend the competition licenses of drivers that had appeared on the show, according to The Inquisitr.

While Israel “Izzy” Valenzuela appeared as a driver on the popular street-racing show, Street Outlaws and Henry Michael Gevorgyan have both been charged in the deaths. The two bystanders are identified as Eric Siguenza, 26, and Wilson Thomas Wong, 50. The racing accident occurred in Southern California.

Both suspects are being held on two counts of murder and one count of engaging in a motor vehicle speed contest on a highway causing a concussion. According to Ricardo Santiago, the Public Information Officer from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the prosecutors “do not believe they were driving, rather that they helped promote and organize the event.” Bail was set at more than $2 million.

The Street Outlaws murder has sparked mixed reactions with fans, notes MotorTrend Magazine. Most people who watch the television are shocked when they heard about the accident. Others say they are being used to set an example by the state of California about the dangers for street racing.

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