​Suri $24K Gift From Long Lavish Holiday List​​

By: | 12/21/2012 08:20 PM ET
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After creating and getting most of her $130,000 Christmas list last year and then some, Suri Cruise may get showered with even more gifts this year after her parent’s split and sources have revealed what mom, Katie Holmes has gotten her.

Sources are reporting to Britain’s The Daily Mail, that Holmes has gotten Suri a $24,000 playhouse complete with options for recessed lighting, play lofts, sunrooms, media rooms, eat-in kitchens, dining rooms, intercoms, garages to store toys, picket fences, arbors, extensive landscaping.

The Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse, which is bigger than most two-bedroom apartments, will have running heat, water, and electricity.

According to the sources Holmes has also bought a kiddie version of a Mercedes to park in the garage of the playhouse. Suri will also be getting a new mini iPad, A Chloe fur coat, and some Ralph Lauren clothing, according to the Daily Mail report.

There is no-word what kind of lavish gifts Tom Cruise will be showering on Suri this year, who just recently chartered a private plane for a trip to Disney World.

Cruise recently joked that his daughter asked for a talking Furby doll, but he thought it was little pricey at $54.00, and said that he did not know if he was done shopping yet after all.

Last Christmas Suri got a $100,000 pony that was kept at a Beverly Hills stable as well as a pair of $15,000 diamond earrings.

Between last Christmas and this one, Suri’s parents decided to file for divorce and go their separate ways after rumors that Katie and notorious scientologist, Tom, could not agree on how Suri should be brought up religiously.

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