​Suri Cruise Haircut Photo Prompts Attention In NYC​​

Suri Cruise shows off her new haircut in a photo that draws a few questions. She was spotted on the streets of New York City sporting a new style, with uneven bangs.

Suri, who is probably the world’s best dressed 7-year-old, usually wears her long hair tucked behind her ears or in a pony tail, so the new “edgy” hairstyle has many people wondering if she cut the bangs herself.

Parents know all too well that children often experiment with cutting their own hair, but being the mini-trendsetter that she is, we’re uncertain whether Suri would liberally chop away at her locks.

Based on her latest haircut, it looks like the 7-year-old may have taken the scissors into her own hands and chopped off her lovely locks.

In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes said her daughter usually puts together her own outfits.

“She’s got a great eye, she really does,” Holmes said of Suri.

Maybe Suri told the hairdresser she wanted to go for grungier look, a la Miley Cyrus.

We know Suri’s dad, Tom Cruise, who gives his ex-wife approximately $400,000 in child support, can pay for his little princess to grab a chair at the Sally Hershberger salon and have a pro brush up her bangs.