​Susan Olsen Brady Bunch Secrets: Child Actress Susan Olsen Reveals Unusual Stories From TV Show

Author: Rob AdamsBy:
Staff Reporter
Dec. 16, 2015

Susan Olsen’s Brady Bunch Secrets reveals a lot of juicy gossip about the popular family sitcom. The actress who played Cindy Brady talked about her feuds and the hookups that went on when the lights turned off while the TV sisters still don’t speak, according to Examiner.

Olsen, 53, also talked about the cast’s shockingly low salaries and her past as a marijuana farmer. Susan was portrayed as the cute little girl who was innocent on the show.

The actors playing the kids worked in close quarters during the show’s 1969-74 run. This made fans wonder who really hooked up with whom.

“I think all of us did,” Olsen admitted. “We led a sheltered life for part of the year, so if there was anybody to get a crush on or try to date, it would be our counterparts,” Susan added.

The Brady Bunch secrets were more exposed when the youngest Brady girl went on to admit that she and her TV stepbrother Bobby Brady, played by Mike Lookinland, used to engage in make-out sessions in the doghouse. This was a shocking revelations since they were only 9 years old.

Susan Olsen also confessed that her former on-screen sisters, Eve Plumb (a.k.a. Jan) and Maureen McCormick (who played Marcia) also had secrets. Susan said that things were not always bright and sunny in the Brady household.

Susan Olsen’s Brady Bunch Secrets revealed that the two ladies do not get along. “I think it’s kind of petty,” Susan said of the longstanding feud. “From day one with these two I have always been in the middle, and now it’s at the point where there isn’t even a desire to communicate through me.”

Olsen also aired the show’s dirty laundry regarding her salary, saying the Brady crew did not earn much back then. “We even had to pay for our own parking in the first season,” Susan Olsen stated. “They wouldn’t let us drive onto the lot. We earn very, very little.”

Later on, she found a more lucrative, and illegal at the time, gig: “I guess technically … I was really a marijuana grower,” she said. “My husband at the time and I grew it hydroponically.”

Though Olsen says she never enjoyed smoking marijuana, she “always been into ‘gardening,’ and it’s such a complicated, wonderful, fascinating plant,” Susan explained.

Even after 45 years later, stories about the show are still being revealed by its child stars. Susan Olsen’s Brady Bunch Secrets just had to the pile of other confessions by the TV household.

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