​Suzanne Somers Mishap: Actress Gets Voted Off During DWTS After Mishap In Latest Round

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Apr, 15, 2015 | 2:54 PM

Suzanne Somers’ mishap with her skirt may be just one problem she had on Dancing with the Stars. The former fitness guru went into the latest round of the TV dance competition show admitting she felt like throwing in the towel, according to The Inquisitr. Well, things didn’t go as planned, and she was sent home anyway as the latest competitor voted off.

On a night when Hollywood superstars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore excitedly cheered on daughter Rumor to the highest score of the night, Suzanne Somers, 67, made an emotional exit from the show despite being praised by the judges for giving her best performance so far.

And after Suzanne Somers proudly said she met her main aim of proving that a woman in her late 60s could “make the ballroom feel her own,” she added with a laugh: “And I think all women my age should go on hormones.”

But she soon cracked with emotion as she praised pro partner Tony Dovolani, whose two young daughters rushed onto the stage to hug him as he prepared to leave, according to Examiner.

“He is a gentleman, and he gave me everything he had - and I so love this,” Suzanne said, not finishing the sentence as she looked around the room seemingly fighting back tears.

Suzanne Somers’ mishap during a jazz routine happened when her heel caught her skirt. Carrie Ann Inaba calling her “mature, beautiful, classy, elegant and sexy graceful.” Her exit came as the judges praised her for the best delivery since joining the show.

But Suzanne Somers soon realized that it was a far cry from the obvious frustration she had in rehearsals. Suzanne was very close to quitting as her emotions overwhelmed her.

“I don’t think I can do it - I don’t think I can stay with the show,” Suzanne Somers admitted to Tony, seemingly being serious and sincere at that moment. “I just can’t do this. I’m just too lousy at it - I hate it,” Suzanne said. “I don’t seem like a quitter to me,” Tony assured her, praising her for “giving me, every single day, you’re best.”

Tony tried to help her long before the Suzanne Somers’ mishap by stating: “Little bump - no problem. We’ll fix it,” he told Suzanne, obviously unaware that their time on the show was fast running out.

As the competitors all performed in character to songs from famous Disney movies, the clear stand-out was Rumor Willis who scored the highest score of the night - just as she had done on the opening night of the season.

And just like then, she was cheered on by her family, with Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming joining Rumer’s mum, his ex-wife Demi Moore, and their other two daughters Scout and Tallulah in wildly clapping and cheering their support.

The judges seemed equally as thrilled with her samba to Poor Unfortunate Souls, giving her a 39 - with only Len Goodman’s 9 failing to give her a perfect score.

Suzanne Somers’ mishap wasn’t the only thing that happened during Dancing with the Stars, notes Reality TV Magazine. Julianne Hough told Rumor that she was “the sexiest animated character on the planet” after her routine. The show is getting more serious as dancers compete to win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

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