Taylor Swift Turns 21 With Pizza Birthday Cake Party

By: John Lester
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 14, 2021

Taylor Swift Turns 21 With Pizza

Taylor Swift turns 21 with pizza birthday cake party. Taylor Swift celebreated her 21st birthday with a real pizza party with songs by Pink. Sources say the party went very well for the pop singer.

Swift is now 21 and decided not to party at nightclubs. Instead, she had a pizza party. The birthday cake was a bizarre pizza as she danced to songs by Pink.

The country star was recently pictured arm-in-arm with latest love Jake Gyllenhaal. However, he was not seen at the party. The movie hunk missed out on some great junk food and everyone had a great time, according to sources.

Two friends visited Swift with party hats and a pizza topped with candles, but the star was later left to dance around to her favorite Pink songs on her own.

On her Twitter page, she writes, "Tonight caitlinbird and elizabethhuett knocked on my door - they brought a pizza with a lit 21 candle on it and bday hats. :) Now I'm dancing around my room alone to pink's greatest hits cd."