​Teresa Giudice Feud: Teresa’s Real Housewife of New Jersey Feud​​

July 6, 2021

Teresa Giudice doesn’t understand why she’s trending a feud in the social networks, especially when it comes to her brother Joe Gorga. It’s easy to understand why Teresa Giudice might get spooked by finding herself on Yahoo about the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Why am I the #1 trend on Yahoo today? Did something happen I don’t know about? We’re all good here. Happy, married, love love love!Xx,” the best-selling author tweeted on Friday. What could the tabloids be reporting?

But What Giudice must not realize is that Bravo released a teaser for the next episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” that highlights a family feud between the “Fabulicious” cook and her brother, Joe Gorga.

In the clip, Giudice beams over her father coming home from the hospital, but lashes out at Gorga for treating him badly.

“My dad raised us with a lot of respect,” Giudice says to camera. “I would never raise my voice at my father, but I’ve seen my brother do that with my father and with me.” Clips of Gorga doing just that drive the point home.

“With my dad’s health being so bad, my brother and I should be getting along,” Giudice explains. “It’s disrespectful. … My parents mean the world to me. They’re all I have.”

In another preview video for the same episode, Teresa blames Real Housewives castmate Jacqueline Laurita for the rift with Joe.