The Biggest Loser Premiere - Big Disappointment For TV Fans

By: Michael Stevens
Staff Writer
Published: Jan 5, 2021

The Biggest Loser Premiere - Big disappointment for TV fans. The premiere of the Biggest Loser reveals another hit series. However, the mystery about the new trainers for season 11 isn't making the fans very happy.

With a twist of having the new trainers work at a facility away from "The Ranch" is creating greater suspense. In previews, the watching audience is shown that a 5k on the treadmill takes place to choose the picking order for the competition. Of course in the previews people were only given a glimpse of the teams and a perspective of what the trainer looks like without their face.

What is known about the two trainers is that the male is a martial arts teacher. Where as the female is a two time boxing golden glove winner. So no matter who they are, they certainly have the experience.

As for the revelation, the producers are just trying to boost the Biggest Loser ratings by withholding who they are. Think about it, once the trainers are revealed what's left in suspense until the show actually starts? Let's just hope the plan doesn't backfire.